Research at the College of Charleston

Research – faculty, student, faculty/student – is a valuable component  of any university. The most obvious type is faculty research aimed at finding solutions to the problems and challenges confronting society. Curing diseases, protecting the environment, developing new products and technologies.

But, because the primary objective of any research project is to increase the body of knowledge in a discipline, research is not confined to the sciences. It is important to the hospitality industry, and in fields such as politics, art history, psychology, English and philosophy, for example. 

While the public can benefit from research that ultimately improves quality of life, students at a university are also at an advantage when they are  taught by a faculty that is actively engaged in research. They:

  • have access to the most up-to-date information in a particular field.
  • are often given the opportunity to participate in research projects.
  • can co-author papers and present their research at regional and national conferences.

And at the College of Charleston, it is both undergraduate and graduate students who conduct research.