Reporting Animal Welfare Concerns

The Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee (IACUC) encourages you to promptly report any concerns - such as inappropriate care, misuse, or abuse - related to the welfare of animals at this institution.

There are many ways to report your concerns:

Animal Care and Use Program Director


Phone: 843-953-5443



Phone: 843-953-8194

Consulting Vetinarian


Phone: 843-579-0030

Research Protections & Compliance


Phone: 843-953-7421

In person: Bellsouth Building, 81 St. Philip St., Room 407-F

By mail: Research Protections & Compliance, Office of Research & Grants Administration, College of Charleston, 66 George Street, Charleston, SC 29424

Your report should be detailed and specific, and be accompanied by supporting documentation when possible, to allow for a thorough investigation by the IACUC.

Your identity will be kept confidential – or you may report anonymously.   All concerns will be reviewed regardless of how they are received.

No facility employee, committee member, or laboratory personnel shall be discriminated against or subject to any reprisal for reporting violations. - Animal Welfare Act