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Consent Templates for Research with Adults

Parent/Guardian Permission and Child Assent Forms for Research with Minors

Instructions for Using Informed Consent, Parental Permission, and Child Assent Templates

  • Download the appopriate template(s) from above. Review the descriptions provided to determine which template(s) are the best fit for your research. Note that more than one template may be needed depending on the nature of your research methods. 
  • Fill in the informaiton relevant to your study using the prompts in blue text. 
    • It is very important to write your consent form in layperson's language that can easily be understood by your participants. An 8th grade reading level is recommended for the general population. 
    • The templates include language suggested y the IRB. Please adapt as necessary to be sure your consent form clearly explains your individual research clearly. 
  • Remove all instructions in red text. This includes the instructions at the top of the template and any options that are not appropriate. 
  • Include a copy of the consent/permission/assent form(s) to the IRB application exactly the way your participants will see it, with all text in black. 

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eForm Application System

Legacy IACUC Report Forms (for protocols approved prior to 3-1-21)

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r/sNA Exemption Request

Financial Conflict of Interest (FCOI) eForm

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Resposible Conduct of Research (RCR) eForm

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