Locate Funding Opportunities

Tips for Starting a Funding Search

  • Identify and use keywords instead full sentences/descriptions.
  • Know what type of funding you are looking for—sabbatical funding, summer pay, student support, supplies, travel, publication, etc.  This can help you define your search parameters.
  • Make sure you are eligible for the funding.
  • Make sure to check with your professional organization(s) to see if they have any funding opportunities in your field.
  • Sign up for listservs that distribute notifications of funding opportunities.
  • Remember that funding is often distributed in cycles.  If you found a funding opportunity, but the application deadline has passed, then you will need to wait until the next funding cycle to apply.  Depending on the program, the cycle could vary from quarterly to biannually. 
  • Once you find a funding source, please check with ORGA before starting your application.  We will look over the guidelines to determine your eligibility, in addition to providing assistance with the budget and other administrative items frequently required of grant proposals.

Start Searching!

Internal Resources

  • Email ORGA for assistance with funding opportunities (orga@cofc.edu)

External Resources

External Databases useful place to start when conducting a funding search

Other External Resources list of funding sources that have frequently been utilized by College faculty/staff

Federal Funding Agencies

State/Local Funding Agencies

Private Funding Agencies